The Kybalion 凱巴萊恩 (三)

The Kybalion: Seven Hermetic Principles that govern All Creations Part III
凱巴萊恩: 七條主導萬物的赫爾墨斯法則及其運用 第三集
Chapter XV Hermetic Axioms 第十五章 赫爾墨斯公理

“The possession of Knowledge, unless accompanied by a manifestation and expression in Action, is like the hoarding of precious metals — a vain and foolish thing. Knowledge, like Wealth, is intended for Use. The Law of Use is Universal, and he who violates it suffers by reason of his conflict with natural forces.”
“知識的擁有,除非伴隨著行動的表現和表達,否則就像囤積珍貴的金屬 – 是一種虛妄和愚蠢的事情。知識,如財富,旨在使用。法則的運作是普遍的;違反它人會受苦,因為他與自然力量相衝突。
Hermetic 7 Hermetic 8 Hermetic 10
Knowledge without Use and Expression is a vain thing, bringing no good to its possessor, or to the race. Beware of Mental Miserliness, and express into Action that which you have learned. Study the Axioms and Aphorisms, but practice them also.

We give below some of the more important Hermetic Axioms, from The Kybalion, with a few comments added to each. Make these your own, and practice and use them, for they are not really your own until you have Used them.

“To change your mood or mental state–change your vibration.”

One may change his mental vibrations by an effort of Will, in the direction of deliberately fixing the Attention upon a more desirable state. Will directs the Attention, and Attention changes the Vibration. Cultivate the Art of Attention, by means of the Will, and you have solved the secret of the Mastery of Moods and Mental States.

“To destroy an undesirable rate of mental vibration, put into operation the Principle of Polarity and concentrate upon the opposite pole to that which you desire to suppress. Kill out the undesirable by changing its polarity.”

A mental state and its opposite were merely the two poles of one thing, and that by Mental Transmutation the polarity might be reversed. Modern psychologists, who apply it to the breaking up of undesirable habits by bidding their students concentrate upon the opposite quality.

If you are possessed of Fear, do not waste time trying to “kill out” Fear, but instead cultivate the quality of Courage, and the Fear will disappear. Some writers have expressed this idea most forcibly by using the illustration of the dark room. You do not have to shovel out or sweep out the Darkness, but by merely opening the shutters and letting in the Light, the Darkness has disappeared.
如果你有恐懼,不要浪費時間試圖 “消除” 恐懼,而是應該培養勇氣的品質,恐懼就自然會消失。一些作家通過使用暗室的譬喻來強制地表達了這個理念。你不必剷除或掃除黑暗,只要打開百葉窗,讓光線射入室內,黑暗就自然會消失。

To kill out a Negative quality, concentrate upon the Positive Pole of that same quality, and the vibrations will gradually change from Negative to Positive, until finally you will become polarized on the Positive pole.

When you have allowed yourself to vibrate constantly on the Negative pole of things,you will never be able to get rid of your sorrow. By changing your polarity, you may master your moods, change your mental states, remake your disposition, and build up character.

Much of the Mental Mastery of the advanced Hermetics is due to this application of Polarity. Remember the Hermetic Axiom (quoted previously), which says: “Mind (as well as metals and elements) may be transmuted from state to state; degree to degree; condition to condition; pole to pole; vibration to vibration.”
赫爾墨斯大師們藉由這極性法則的運用而達到心理轉變。記住赫爾墨斯公理:心理 (如同金屬與元素一樣) 可以被轉變,從一個狀態到另一個狀態;從一個程度到另一個程度;從一個條件到另一個條件;一個極端到另一個極端;一個振動頻率到另一個振動頻率。

The mastery of Polarization is the mastery of the fundamental principles of Mental Transmutation or Mental Alchemy, for unless one acquires the art of changing his own polarity, he will be unable to affect his environment.

“Rhythm may be neutralized by an application of the Art of Polarization.”

The Hermetists hold that the Principle of Rhythm manifests on the Mental Plane as well as on the Physical Plane, and that the bewildering succession of moods, feelings, emotions, and other mental states, are due to the backward and forward swing of the mental pendulum, which carries us from one extreme of feeling to the other.

The Hermetists also teach that the Law of Neutralization enables one, to a great extent, to overcome the operation of Rhythm in consciousness. There is a Higher Plane of Consciousness, as well as the ordinary Lower Plane, and the Master by rising mentally to the Higher Plane, causes the swing of the mental pendulum to manifest on the Lower Plane, and he, dwelling on his Higher Plane, escapes the consciousness of the swing backward.

This is affected by polarizing on the Higher Self, and thus raising the mental vibrations of the Ego above those of the ordinary plane of consciousness. It is akin to rising above a thing and allowing it to pass beneath you.
它的操作包括將 “自我” 提升到較高的層面 [心理活動的無意識層面的振動之上],使得鐘擺的負擺動不在意識中顯現,因此他們不受普通的意識層面的影響。它類似於將自己昇高至一個東西之上,而讓這東西由你底下通過。

The advanced Hermetist polarizes himself at the Positive Pole of his Being-the “I Am” pole rather than the pole of personality and by “refusing” and “denying” the operation of Rhythm, raises himself above its plane of consciousness, and standing firm in his Statement of Being, he allows the pendulum to swing back on the Lower Plane without changing his Polarity.
先進的赫爾墨斯主義者將自己極化在他的存在的正極 – “真我”極而不是人性的極點,並通過“拒絕”和“否認”節奏的運作,提高自己靈性至意識的層面之上,並且堅定的站立在他的存在的宣言中,他允許擺錘在下層面回擺,而不改變他的極性。

This is accomplished by all individuals who have attained any degree of self-mastery. Such persons simply “refuse” to allow themselves to be swung back by the pendulum of mood and emotion, and by steadfastly affirming the superiority they remain polarized on the Positive pole.

The Master, of course, attains a far greater degree of proficiency, because he understands the law which he is overcoming by a higher law, and by the use of his Will he attains a degree of Poise and Mental Steadfastness.

Remember always, however, that you do not really destroy the Principle of Rhythm, for that is indestructible.
You simply overcome one law by counter-balancing it with another and thus maintain an equilibrium. The laws of balance and counter-balance are in operation on the mental as well as on the physical planes, and an understanding of these laws enables one to seem to overthrow laws, whereas he is merely exerting a counterbalance.

“Nothing escapes the Principle of Cause and Effect, but there are many Planes of Causation, and one may use the laws of the higher to overcome the laws of the lower.”

By an understanding of the practice of Polarization, the Hermetists rise to a higher plane of Causation and thus counter-balance the laws of the lower planes of Causation. By rising above the plane of ordinary Causes they become themselves, in a degree, Causes instead of being merely Caused.

By being able to master their own moods and feelings, and by being able to neutralize Rhythm, they are able to escape a great part of the operations of Cause and Effect on the ordinary plane.

The masses of people are carried along, obedient to their environment; the wills and desires of others stronger than themselves; the effects of inherited tendencies; the suggestions of those about them; and other outward causes; which tend to move them about on the chess-board of life like mere pawns.

By rising above these influencing causes, the advanced Hermetists seek a higher plane of mental action, and by dominating their moods, emotions, impulses and feelings, they create for themselves new characters, qualities and powers, by which they overcome their ordinary environment, and thus become practically players instead of mere Pawns.

Such people help to play the game of life understandingly, instead of being moved about this way and that way by stronger influences and powers and wills.They use the Principle of Cause and Effect, instead of being used by it. Of course, even the highest are subject to the Principle as it manifests on the higher planes, but on the lower planes of activity, they are Masters instead of Slaves.

As The Kybalion says: “The wise ones serve on the higher, but rule on the lower. They obey the laws coming from above them, but on their own plane, and those below them, they rule and give orders. 正如凱巴萊恩所說:“聰明的人服事於更高的層面,但統治下層面。他們遵守來自上層的法則,但能統治和命令在自己的層面及其層面之下的法則。

The wise man falls in with the Law, and by understanding its movements he operates it instead of being its blind slave. Just as does the skilled swimmer turn this way and that way, going and coming as he will, instead of being as the log which is carried here and there — and yet both swimmer and log; wise man and fool, are subject to Law.

In conclusion, let us again call your attention to the Hermetic Axiom: “True Hermetic Transmutation is a Mental Art.”

In the above axiom, the Hermetists teach that the great work of influencing one’s environment is accomplished by Mental Power. The Universe being wholly mental, it follows that it may be ruled only by Mentality.

If the Universe is Mental, then Mind must be the highest power affecting its phenomena. If this be understood then all the so-called “miracles” and “wonder-workings” are seen plainly for what they are.

“THE ALL is MIND; The Universe is Mental.”
“本體是心靈; 宇宙是心理的”。(萬法唯心所現,唯識所變。)

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      第二集包括了第三章至第十四章,詳細解說這七條赫爾墨斯法則及其運用,是這本書的精華。內容相當長 (現在草稿有79頁),也有點複雜,因此須要花點時間,將它濃縮至少於二十頁,才能簡單明瞭的說明這七條法則的真義與運用。希望能一個星期內可寫成。不知師兄有何寶貴建議?

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    此書對中和法則,沒有詳細解說,只在第十一章稍微提及: 用較高的法則來改善較低的層面。沒有人可以逃避法則本身,但我們可以用法則來中和法則。

    而情侶吵架作為例子,不要專注在吵架的小事、細節上,不要以牙還牙,吵得面紅耳赤。轉移話題到快樂的回憶、正面的言論,以無我來對應 “自我 (小我) 的驕傲心,一切都可圓滿解決。


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