The True meaning of “Maha Prajñā Paramita” “摩訶般若波羅蜜多”真義解說

一、前言 Introduction
此文主要依”六祖壇經 般若品第二“,來解說 “摩訶般若波羅蜜多” 的真實義。”般若“是佛經最重要的 一個術語,譯為 “大智慧”,是 “諸佛之母“。
The main purpose of this article is to explain the true meaning of “Maha Prajñā Paramita”, in accordance with “The Altar Sutra of Sixth Patriarch, Chapter 2 On Prajñā”. ” Prajñā ” is the most important terminology of the Buddhist scriptures. It is translated as “great wisdom” and is the Mother of the Buddhas.

“Maha Prajñā Paramita” means “through the wisdom of Dharma to reach the other shore of liberation.” That is, by using of characters or scripture to “listen, contemplate, and reflect”, to attain prajñā wisdom, surpass the life and death cycle, and reach the realm of liberation, a “Bliss Pure Land”.

This article is written in Chinese with English translation. It is intended for those who are unable to read or speak Chinese, or who have not studied Buddhist scriptures before.
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